You need to host your website somewhere.

That’s just a fact. You might host it via a third-party service like Squarespace, but then you’re locked into their systems.

I can provide managed WordPress hosting for you, or if you’re feeling up for it, I have a couple of recommendations for good hosting below – so read on!

Managed Hosting

What you need to know:

I care for the planet.

My servers run on renewable energy supplied by Ecotricity. It just matters.

B-b-b-back it up.

I’ll take care of your backups for you, just in case. If you want more, we can arrange that.

Keep it secure

I can provide SSL certificates and get you running more securely.


I automatically run caching tools. They’re not the fastest or the slowest. Somewhere in the middle.

It’s just me.

I’m not a ‘big company’, or a hosting specialist. I’m a web designer who loves to help out my clients. So, if your website goes down whilst I’m on holiday with the family, you’ll need to wait until I’m back to get it back online. Not happy with this? Check out my hosting recommendations below.

It’s personal.

I set up and maintain the server for you. Updates, security changes – the whole thing. It’s my aim to keep your website live as much as possible. But, understand that 100% uptime is not-a-thing. But I get pretty close.


I don’t host emails. Sorry.

But, I do recommend G Suite. Why? Because (depending on your package) you can get unlimited storage. Which is a huge win. Plus access to Google Drive, Hangouts and more. It’s just useful.

Want me to host your website?

I’d love to talk to you about hosting your website. But, to save the question, prices start from £39/mo or £360/yr (I might make an exception for a charity).
After all, it is a managed service.

Recommended Hosting Services

If you want to manage the hosting yourself and save a chunk of money, or want to go with a bigger, more-available managed hosting service, I have a couple of recommendations for you:

DIY Hosting from only £3.99/mo

Plus superb ticketed support

Krystal are a UK-based hosting provider that I have worked with a number of times. And I’m impressed. Their £3.99/month package handles websites really well (and can include email mailboxes too!). Their online support is also brilliant. And a quick lesson in cPanel hosting, and you’ll be away.

Hassle-free Managed Superhosting

With free migrations and backups

Flywheel are a US-based hosting service (with a London data-centre, so no worries with regards to GDPR) who provide a fully managed WordPress experience. From migration to back ups to SSL certificates to malware removal, they do it all. The only thing they don’t do is email (Try G Suite!)