Simple cards with a simple message.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a card that says what you want, or looks like you want. These are purposely simple cards with space for your creativity!

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Carbon Negative

I wanted to create these in a carbon negative way. Which means that the creation of the products should reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Here’s how I’m doing that:


All paper is recycled or FSC approved. And the packaging is recyclable, and where possible, rescued old business stock that would otherwise go to waste. Ink is always using sustainable vegetable oil, rather than costly minerals.


I ship with Royal Mail. Why? Because they’re most likely already coming to, or by, your house. If you’re local enough, I might just pop the package through your door.


even this website is run on a server powered by Ecotricity. It’s renewable. Even my payment gateway, Stripe, is carbon neutral.

Trees. Lots of them.

I want to start planting trees too. Because I want to do my best to get not carbon neutral, but carbon negative. So, I’ve signed up to Offset Earth. Take a look.

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