Wellbeing for Youth: NAYC

Branding, Print, Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy

Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs approached us to help them launch a campaign to raise funds for hundreds of youth clubs across Northamptonshire. These clubs have been hit by a lack of government funding in a county that is all but bankrupt.

Having already suffered the withdrawal of almost all youth work funding in the county, the NAYC team set about creative ways to boost funds youth clubs and to continue to look after the wellbeing of the thousands of young people who frequent the clubs that they supported.

We were approached to help them launch a broad fundraising campaign called ‘Wellbeing 4 Youth’, but also to help them focus fundraising into their ‘Fun Fundraising Week’.

We provided vibrant and easily distinguishable campaign visuals that matched other brand developments in and around NAYC, and translated these into fundraising kits which were sent out to more than 250 youth clubs. From the envelope the pack arrived in to the collection posts and posters to help clubs engage their local communities in the fundraising efforts, we provided everything the team needed for an amazing campaign. So much so, we’re told they are coming back for more in 2019!

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