Springs Family

Branding, Print, Website

Springs Family Centre approached us to help them create an identity that was as diverse as the community they serve every day, in the heart of one of the UK’s top 3% deprived wards, with a clear focus on young people that did not discriminate against others.

Springs Family Centre was a long established and highly effective street-level centre in the heart of Spring Boroughs in Northampton – an area in the top 3% most deprived in UK. We had been involved with their work for a few years – amazed by their ability to work with hundreds of young people each week, helping people connect to jobs via their Jobsclub and provided a place for friendship and warmth, we were delighted when they approached us to help them rebrand.


One of the key distinctions was the removal of ‘centre’, leaving just Springs Family. This was a significant move, as it spoke of the strength of the organisation – the thousands of people that touched each year, those who made up this diverse, positive, vibrant community. And we needed to include the age-old strapline “Hope Springs Eternal”. We wanted to create a whole brand system that was distinctive to users and funders, flexible enough for applications in web and print, and bold enough to stand out in the busy charity market.

We developed the brand identity for them, creating a range of usable features, and gave each of their regular events it’s own distinct ‘icon’ that matched the brand. We then took to creating a simple, easy-to-navigate website capable of storing details for hundreds of events at any one times, and easily updated by the centre staff and volunteers. Lastly, we converted everything into high-impact, cost-effective leaflets a

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