Northamptonshire Inclusion Mentoring Partnership

Web Design & Development, Print, Branding, Marketing, Digital Marketing

I was approached by the volunteer team who give their time to help nurseries support one another’s SENDco needs, to help them launch a new website. I ended up helping them with much more.

I provided an update to NIMP’s logo and branding, giving them more colour and vibrancy, reflective of the broad range of needs they facilitate a network for.

A modern, empowering website

I sat down with the team to understand the needs of the organisation, and helped them wrestle with what it is they wanted from a website. They wanted to communicate events, training and the perks of being involved in the partnership. During the process of the build, the organisation moved away from a membership model to a more open model. I gave them a public calendar system that they could manage and update, and provided them with a visual-build content management system, giving them the power of update a huge range of content, menus and more.

Enabling automation

During the conversation it became apparent that though the team had a passion for the work of NIMP, they gave their time voluntarily. So we talked about unlocking the power of automation. I set them up with MailChimp, email templates and training to enable them to build contacts and build relationships much more easily, in a way that is far-less labour intensive.

Print, glorious print.

I also provided leaflets and roller banners to enable the team to better publicise the work they do and encourage membership. All on-brand, punchy and making clear what it is the organisation does.

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