Hair Science

Branding, Web Design & Development, Print

Katy approached me to help her build a brand and online presence for her trichology start up. I helped her get online quickly, and gave her the tools to grow her business and her brand.

The branding

I took time to understand what trichology is, and also to understand the misconceptions about what a trichologist does/does not do. My aim was to great a simple, memorable brand that focused both of hair and the caring, personal nature of the work Katy does through Hair Science.

The logo represents a hair folicle in the shape of a heart, and is accompanied by a ‘clinical’ typeface to promote the professional, clinical nature of the amazing work trichology does to give people their confidence back.

The website: simple, effective, entry-level

As I discussed the website needs with Katy, it became clear that she was looking for something simple that could be expanded in the years ahead to include important tools like online booking, online payments and more. So I designed a simple, content-light framework and template using a well known open source Content Management System, and built something at relatively low cost, with extremely high flexibility and adaptability to match the future of her business.

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