Eve’s Symposium

Branding, Print, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing

eve’s Domestic Abuse Symposium exists to help businesses better support their workforce – of whom 1 in 4 will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. They approached us to create a clear identity, communications strategy and build a reputation for the years ahead.

eve is a regionally important, nationally recognised charity funded by little government funding (though plenty of private donations), whose relatively small team really pack a punch when it comes to helping those affected by domestic abuse and helping others to understand how to deal with domestic abuse.

Their Symposium is designed to help businesses, HR managers, healthcare professionals, police and others understand the breadth and reach of domestic abuse in 21st century Britain. We were approached to initially create a familiar-yet-surprising identity that supporters and new contacts alike would recognise.

Along with the identity for the event, we also created a communications strategy – a mix of social, print, direct mail and email marketing, as well as training the team to be more vocal reaching other professionals on LinkedIn. We provided content formation and helped deliver all of the materials needed for the campaign – including a customised booking form for the event, hosted on their existing website.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the eve team, we know the Symposium will be a success – and our communications strategy enabled the team to deliver much of the marketing themselves, with us there to support them throughout the campaign.

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