Hey designer, why make stuff?

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I guess I assumed 2020 would somehow be… better?

That, or we’d be living in Blade Runner. And sometimes it feels closer to the dystopian future than the utopian. I mean, still no lunar base? No flying cars? At least we got personalised ads that follow us around though, right?

I don’t know how 2019 was for you. For me, it was a mixed bag!

Toward the end of 2019 I spent a little time listening to the graphic design hero that is Aaron Draplin. He talked about ‘just making stuff’. And make it because you like it, even if others don’t. So here we are. This is me just doing and creating something I love, I guess. Things I hope brightens someones day and whatnot.


Simple stuff.

You might look at the cards and think they’re a bit simple. And they are. And this is on purpose. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. But it’s an idea that I like, so let’s just try it out.

What if people could buy these simple cards to give to someone just to encourage them, acknowledge them, or whatever the reason is, and doodle and scribble all over it and make it their own? Or, if you’re like me, you’re a secret minimalist, and you just love ‘plain stuff’. you can’t go too wrong with a bit of Futura.

I hesitated over what to put out. A lot. I somehow felt I should do something more ‘designer-ish’. And I still wonder if I should have. But, I guess Etsy is already full of that stuff. So, enjoy, or don’t. Hopefully for some folks though, the messaging, the look-and-feel and all the rest just resonates with them.



There is a lot being written about global warming and the increase in carbon emissions. I am nowhere near smart enough to really say anything, other than I want to try hard to create and send these out in a way that only does good for the planet, by being carbon negative. So, hopefully, that’s achievable, or else I’ll stop.

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The cards



My own goal for 2020 is to find and spread fresh hope. Brexit this, Trump that, WW3 over there, Australia is on fire in that direction. Oh, and the middle class is disappearing, so if you’re not rich, you’re going to find yourself poor. Excellent.

What might it look like to spread a little hope. Hence, “Do not be without hope” on the first postcards I put together. You’ll probably hear more from me about hope if you check out my Instagram.


It’s OK not to be OK.

I mean, you don’t want to stay in that place. But some of us are just wired to experience it more. A card I have NEVER found on a supermarket shelf, or in a stationers or at a craft fair is a card that says “It’s OK to feel sad”. In my own experience of sadness, sometimes motivational quotes just make you feel utterly terrible. Actually, what you need is someone to just say “hey, this is OK. I see it, and I’m thinking of you.”


Do I really need a reason to contact you?

Lastly, I started with “Hi!”. I had lots of phrases and options and ideas for ‘clever’ things. But I settled on ‘Hi!’, because, again, it’s so hard to find a card for the things you want to write to people for no good reason other than to reach out and touch them.


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